SnA was on the stage at Smartcon 2019 discussing how to create value from data. We shared our point-of-view on new trends in analytics in different industries.


SnA  presented jointly with P&G and CarrefourSA: on combining Big Data Predictions and Customer Attitudes . Customers Talk to Us with their Shopping Baskets… Brands can increase their revenue on a measureable scale with customer-focused actions.  P&G Turkey and CarrefourSA partnered with SnA on an advanced analytics solution and generated measurable incremental sales gains.

smartcon 2018 Istanbul

The business world is changing and transforming with developing technologies. While destructive technologies fundamentally shake industries, companies that adapt to change are setting new limits of competition. As a part of the technology world, we shared our experiences at Smartcon 2018 on Technology Wars Panel.


We are ready for the future, are you?. Data & Analytics are key to solving different business problems including ones from HR domain. We conducted a workshop at Future of Work Summit around HR Analytics subjects.

YapıKredi Information Technologies Meeting 2017

On June 12, 2017 SnA was a speaker at  YapıKredi Information Technologies Meeting `It’s My Life`.  SnA talked about popular Machine Learning examples such as Recommendation Systems, image recognition, online advertising  as well as future Machine Learning problems (self driving cars, digital assistants and shelf executions).

SAS Analytics Day 2018 / SAS Analytics in Action 2017 and Fostering Innovation Through Data 2016

SnA sponsored and attended as speaker to SAS Events in Turkey in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Including a panel discussion with analtyics leaders from Yaki Kredi and Garanti Bank.

SnA Listed in the Top 100 List of USA 2016

SnA was listed as one the 100 most promising big data  solution providers globally.  Ömer Nadirler, founder and managing partner of SnA was quoted saying `Data is like crude oil, unless refined using advanced analytics. It doesn’t worth much`